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About Our Company

Charliewood. Where Charleston meets Hollywood.


Charliewood Pictures, LLC is a South Carolina based production and investment company focused on developing, supporting, and promoting South Carolina as a go-to destination for feature film and television production in an industry that is experiencing an unprecedented paradigm shift. A steady requisite in today’s market calls for high quality output at a cost effective and, at times, challenging price point.


By collaborating with those wishing to film in the State of South Carolina, working with writers, directors, and producers through the entire production process, including content development, professional counsel, and critical fundraising Charliewood Pictures is a powerful platform for homegrown filmmaking, while also attracting and working with industry professionals from around the world.


With South Carolina’s powerful filmmaking heritage, magnificent locations, top-grade production resources, and attractive tax incentives, Charliewood Pictures works with exceptionally talented filmmakers to tell cinematic stories that inspire the mind, spirit, and imagination. Charliewood is positioned to facilitate all aspects of the process with unparalleled access to full-service production resources and personnel, state and local government, Travel and Tourism, The South Carolina Film Commission, the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, as well as local affiliates and organizations.


Whether it’s a feature film, documentary, cutting edge music video, or any other form of media production, Charliewood offers a “concept to completion” media production platform for its clients as well as its own in-house productions. Charliewood is currently producing modestly budgeted feature films across all genres, catering to a diverse global marketplace.


Charliewood… A place where films come true.


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