Music touches the soul, inspires the mind, and is the soundtrack to our lives. Music can change a state of mind, alter a reality and inspire people to make change. Since the beginning of American Blues and Jazz music, our country has found inspiration from the rhythm and vibration that it creates. It would be difficult to imagine a world without the creative genius of musicians and artists.


FIND YOUR GROOVE celebrates America’s music and the positive impact and influence the arts have on our past, present, and future. Over the past 20 years, music and the arts have been diminished in our public schools in some parts of the country. Budgets for the arts have eroded, partly due to the misalignment between public value and competing funding priorities in education.


The film explores the loss of public support for the arts in our schools, in the face of a growing body of research that demonstrates the impact of music and the arts on today’s youth. We delve into the science behind a creative, well-rounded individual and the impact the arts have on developing a child’s mind. We examine the state of the arts in public schools today, and we look to the future of the arts in America. We look at the positive influence of groups and individuals that are working to create an atmosphere for music and arts outside of the school system through “out of school” programs and also inside the public school system, allowing children opportunity and access regardless of socio-economic background.


This story is told through the voices of our interviewees. These are recognized actors, musicians, writers, creative artists, educators and people who are extremely concerned about the future of the arts in America – who have all been inspired and have lived by the rhythm of the world through music and the arts. They speak from their heart. Through intimate interviews, we reveal true words and heartfelt emotions which support the need to celebrate sustain and support music and the arts in our schools and communities.


This film is an homage to America’s love affair with the creative arts and the valuable place it has in our future. “Life is a fusion of culture, that continues to evolve.”