Warrior Road

‘Three young men in the waterlands of South Carolina rob a backwoods juke joint and flee up the coast to Myrtle Beach, armed with a souped-up Cutlass and a thirst for adventure. But for one of the three, Joseph, the journey becomes a quest for strength and courage in the face of a painful past.’


A throwback to films of the 70′s and 80′s. Easy Rider meets The Outsiders meets Stand By Me, with its own unconventional structure, style, and pace, and a surprisingly spiritual theme. A fundamental quest story told within 24-hours in this rich geography of overgrown maritime forests, tidal creeks and rivers, and fossilized ruins and culture. With an exciting, original style — a visual sub-consciousness — to convey Joseph’s search for contentment and courage with complete emotional authenticity. Taking audiences on this ride with him in the same way a more conventional adventure would. In this case, an adventure of the soul.


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