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Filming in SC

SOUTH CAROLINA offering natural beauty, abundant resources, and an exceptional quality of life, can supply your production with locations for filming that include mountains and the coast, rural settings and pristine waterways, modern or urban environments, small-town storefronts, historic antebellum buildings, and sub-tropical jungles. This incredibly diverse state has been the backdrop for more than 100 feature films, 70+ TV movies, series, and pilots, 500+ print ad and catalog shoots, and many other mediums going back to the Edison Company’s The Southerners in 1914, Pathe Company’s How Could You Caroline? in 1918, and Cecil B. DeMille’s Reap the Wild Wind in 1941.


South Carolina is a business-friendly state that understands the importance behind the opportunities provided by every production. Area Development ranked South Carolina 3rd in the nation in its “2014 Top States for Doing Business” survey, including number 1 in overall cost of doing business. The cooperative state government offers a quality workforce to help productions succeed. It’s also one of the country’s leading incentive states for feature films and television series. South Carolina’s production incentives differ from other states’ incentives in that they are a cash rebate, paid to the production company within 30 days of final audit. Other states offer tax credits or tax refunds which require brokers and long waiting periods.


Come discover the ideal place for your television and film projects in South Carolina and find out why it remains such an attractive choice for film, television, and other media ventures.